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Massage Services & Price List

I accept all major credit cards/debit cards, HSA/FSA Cards, cash or Venmo.

Massage Prices 
$115=60 minute session; $120 for deep
$175=90 minute session; $185 for deep
$240=120 minute session; $240 for deep
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is performed extremely slow with minimal lotion. The deep massage strokes are performed with the elbows, fists and knuckles with the assistance of the therapist’s body weight. The goal of deep tissue is to reach the deep layers of muscle and fascia by melting through the upper layers. This style is a great for muscles that are not responding to other types of massage.



Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is performed with gliding, soothing massage strokes that invoke a deep stress release in the mind and body. The technique is so fluid that it will quickly activate your parasympathetic nervous system which will help release your anxiety, fear, nervousness, and tension. Swedish massage will also increase your circulation through your entire body, which is a catalyst to healing and restoring youthful energy and glow.



Lymph Massage

Lymph massage is performed with extremly light and slow massage strokes to help activate the pooled up Lymph in the Lymph nodes. A backed up Lymph system causes swelling in the body.
If you are experiencing allergies, this style of massage will help relieve congestion and reduce the pressue in your sinuses and is a great add on to other services I provide at no additional charge.



Chair Massage

Chair massage typically focuses on the head, back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands and is performed while clothed and does not require massage oil. Chair massage is typically administered in public venues, including the workplace, airports, markets and trade shows, but I am also available to perform chair massage out of my studio.




Table Thai Massage

I like to think of Thai massage as “lazy man yoga”. This style is performed in something you would do yoga in and is incredible for elongating your entire body especially the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, triceps, chest, and back. This style will literally leave you feeling like you completed a session of yoga! It can be performed on the Table or the floor. Either way you get a wonderful Thai massage!




Cancellation Policy: I understand that unanticipated events happen. However, my desire to be effective and fair to all of my clients, I ask for a 24 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. Same day appts will be charged %50 of the service (I encourage you to find a replacement if possible to prevent the charge) and I reserve the right to prevent future bookings if compliance is not respected.


Late Arrivals: Please arrive a few minutes before your session starts so you can enjoy the full length of your massage. I will start and end on time given normal business circumstances. 


Please use my online booking system for my current real time hours


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